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7 Great JavaScript Resources

As a JavaScript developer, you’ll need to keep up with the latest news and learn new skills.

Here is a list of seven nice JavaScript resources that will help you finding some useful JavaScript without wasting too much of your time, either you are a beginner or a pro, these resources would surely be beneficial for you.

1. Mozilla Developer Network: Mozilla Developer Network is an excellent hub for developers and beginners to get started with JavaScript. On this website you can find the complete information about JavaScript references, tutorials, articles and useful guides as well. Don’t forget to check out their official DOM reference.

2. JQAPI: JQAPI is just an alternative to official website of, if you are developing JavaScript by client-side, it will be very useful for you. Here you will the library with new features and all latest development under one roof. You can also download an offline version for testing JavaScript offline.

3. JS Fiddle: You can create, share and execute a series of JavaScripts right in your browser on JS Fiddle, which is a great tools for collaborative debugging and code snippets. This is as much easy as combining HTML, CSS and JavaScript file together and run them right into your browser, no need of external software. You may also validate the JavaScript code with the help on online tools provided by JS Fiddle.

4. Eloquent JavaScript: This website provides an e-book which details to programming and JavaScript language. In this e-book you will find tutorials and concept of working with a clean JavaScript. Also you can see them in action as step by step you finish reading this e-book.

5. Douglas crockford’s JavaScript Videos: This website provides JavaScript architect and development tutorials with videos and transcripts. Basically it is Yahoo’s script which shows the future of JavaScript and importance in today. You must visit this link to know JavaScript in deep.

6. How to Node: While all JavaScripts are running in the browser, How to Node is one of the unique and most popular website which provides JavaScript Frameworks. Usually it is a server-side JavaScript Framework, offering an excellent series of tutorials with developer toolkit to make your work easy and reliable.

7. Daily JS: Daily JS is one the websites which provides all new and excellent JavaScript libraries and frameworks for both server-side and client-side JavaScript development. Daily JS is a JavaScript focused blog which aims you to bring all latest and greatest news, plug-ins, services, libraries, frameworks for JavaScript developers.




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