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Ten Fun Things To Do On a Long Flight

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Have you ever found yourself on a flight that you're saying to yourself, "oh Lord, how much longer?". Being on a long flight is like being in captivity and wanting to escape but can't. So it was my intent on finding some fun stuff I could do to kill some time while on these boring flights; Here goes...

  • Sleep Away -The first and most popular activity would be to recline your seat, relax and try to go to dreamland with the hope that, when you wake up, the plane has already landed.
  • Entertain yourself - Load tonnes of movies and music on you iPod Touch and watch away.
  • Play Puzzle - I've seen more and more people getting hooked on to - "SUDOKU"!. The first time I saw it was a few months back when the guy next to me was intensely looking at a bunch of numbers and filling the blanks with more numbers. It's really a lot of fun if you like number games and gets your brain so overworked that you'd go to sleep in 2 hours !!.
  • Use the bathroom - Go into the bathroom, drop your pants, then come out, yelling "We're out of toilet paper!"
  • Be a Movie Star - Act like a movie star. Ask someone for their autograph, pretending that you think they're Samuel L Jackson or Angelina Jolie (This works great when the person looks nothing like the movie star in question)
  • Stretch you Legs - Walk around the cabin; that really helps.
  • Play a Game - Buying a Nintendo DS tax free at the airport along with any Phoenix Wright game, Super Mario Bros/Mario Kart or 42 All Time Classics are fun ways of keeping you occupied during a long flight.
  • Be a Pretender - During the in-flight movie, ask to share headphones with someone fart loudly and act shocked, looking around to see who did it.
  • Wish list of things that I'd like to do:-

a. Walk to the cockpit and somehow convince the pilot to give the controls to me for a while!.

b. Ask the air-hostesses for a grand tour of the airplane.

c. Gather a group of people, re-arrange the seats and play cards or have a round-table discussion

  • Strike up a Conversation with a Stranger - If you are a very social person and quite good at starting up a convo with a total stranger next to you, that's fun too!. You'd never know whether you'd find your future spouse or a business partner or begin an everlasting friendship or end up with a freaking psychopath).

There you go, now you can have fun on your next long trip.

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