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iPad 3 to Have High-Def Screen, LTE Compatibility

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Apple Inc. next iPad, iPad 3 is expected to go on sale in March, will sport a high-definition screen, run a faster processor and work with next-generation wireless networks, according to a Bloomberg report on Friday.

The report says that Apple's manufacturing partners have increased production in Asia and will ramp up production even further in February. Production in Chinese factories is currently running on a 24-hour schedule.

The next-generation iPad will also be compatible with LTE networks. The move is part of a larger trend among smartphone companies that are rolling out devices to the faster wireless network.

LTE Networks

Smartphone makers have already introduced smartphones that work on the faster networks. Apple is bringing LTE to the iPad before the iPhone because the tablet has a bigger battery and can better support the power requirements of the newer technology.

It's also been rumored that the next-generation iPad will have a high-resolution screen – possibly even double dpi -- and a stronger interior. The pixels are small enough to make the images look like printed material and videos begin playing almost instantly because of the additional graphics processing power.

However, the updates seen by iLounge seem to be more aesthetic than structural. Could the next-generation device be an upgrade similar to that of the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S?

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