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5 Important Rules in Website Design

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A website is a visual medium containing text, images, videos, and other multimedia, which means an effectively designed Web site must wow, tease, and compel your audience to step in and explore what you have to offer.

To create an effective website, you must first understand the basic rules governing web design. Here are 5 important rules of thumb to look for in order to guarantee your website performs well.

1) Don't use splash pages

Splash landing pages are the initial pages the customer sees when they arrive at your website. They normally have very beautiful images with words like "welcome" or "click here to enter". The fact is that splash pages have become dated and of no real relevance. Most customers will leave a splash page very quickly. Do not let your online visitors have a reason to go use the "back" button! Immediately show them your website and what you have to offer from the get-go;

2) No excessive use of banner advertisements

The term Content is King is true in the online world and over crowding your website with banner advertisements will be easily ignored, since the content your users are looking are being over shadowed by advertisement. Instead, provide more valuable content and use relevant affiliate links in your content, and let your visitors feel they would like to buy from your website as an alternative to being pushed into to a purchase.

3) Simple and clear navigation

You should present your customers with a simple and very straight forward navigation menu. Make sure that a young child can find out how to use your website. Try to avoid complicated Flash based menus or multi-tiered dropdown menus.

4) Use breadcrumbs navigation

When users get past your homepage you will need to make sure that they know which area of the site they are. A breadcrumb shows the user's path to their current location, by doing this, they are will go browsing even more information or navigate to any a part of the site easily.

5) Stay away from audio on your site

In the event your potential customers stay a long time checking out a page on your site, reading your content. You want be certain that they may not be annoyed by some audio looping over and over on your website. In the event you decide on adding audio, be sure they have some control over it by either having a music disable music button or volume or muting controls that work.

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