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Our Blog SEO Making Use of the Description Meta Tag


Making Use of the Description Meta Tag

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Description meta tags are optional and have no effect on our page ranking, however we find that adding it to each of our pages is always a good practice. The question is... why?

A page description tag gives search engines a summary of what your pages are about. It can also be used to improve the quality and quantity of visitors from organic search results, which contributes greatly to your Click-Through Rate (CTR).

Description tags usually consist of 20-25 words that form a short sentence or two which is readable by human of course.

This summary in turn may be used by Google as a snippet for your pages, shown on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).



<title>Web Design in Jamaica | Web Hosting | Tech Blog |

Creative Solution Media (CSM)</title>

<meta name="description" content="Creative Solution Media

offers web development, design, and hosting services."/>



Best Practices

  • Accurately summarize each page that would both inform and interest users when they see your "description" meta tag as snippets in search result.

  • Use unique description for each your pages.



  • Writing description tag that has no relation to the content on your pages

  • Using generic description meta tag

  • Filling the description with only keywords

  • Copying entire content into the description meta tag

  • Using a single description tag across your entire website pages.

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