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Is Google Plus taking over Facebook?

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Google has again entered into the social media network with a new and buzzing platform called Google plus. The company announced on Thursday, that it has already grown pass more than 10 million users in just two weeks after it was first released as an "invite only" release.

That's only a fraction of Facebook's over 700 million users, but it still represents a significant growth for the infancy stage of G+, which has still not been released fully to the public domain.

Facebook has been the most successful social network so far, unlike other social networks which seems to change merely, Facebook has a solid growth and it keeps the platform changing frequently giving users a new experience and keeping them busy.

With that said, Facebook has not been the perfect platform. One such imperfection lies in privacy.

Privacy, privacy, privacy, one cannot stress it enough, everybody wants it.

It is difficult to control others to post your photo on Facebook and tag on it. The best way to avoid your photo to be seen by others is not to use Facebook. Apart from photos, friends could easily get many information such as friends, school and place where you work from Facebook. The privacy setting of Facebook is not enough to let users feel safe.

Google has attacked the Social Networking space with significant key innovations like Circles which seems to want to solve some of Facebook problems. No more thinking about that photo I posted, "Do I want my father to read this? My academic adviser? My boss? My friends? That girl I dated for two weeks in high school?"

Google has also created Hangouts which is actually something new and exciting, The spontaneous gathering of ideas is interesting, but what really appeals to me is the potential to support a social practice I already have - which is watching a memorable video or movie remotely with friends and group video chat with up to 10 people.

The biggest dazzle Google+ has is integration. Almost all the existing Google online services, from Search to Documents to Video, have combined together with Google+. Now is this awesome or what!


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Google+ vs Facebook

The pluses of Google+ over Facebook

1.       Google+ provides better privacy and well layered grouping – Circles

2.       Google+ does not have annoying applications like Facebook

3.       Google+ combines Facebook and twitter together where the main features are concerned

4.       Google+ is simple, clean and sturdy

5.       Google+ uses the Google chat for chatting. It is much sweeter than Facebook chat

The minuses of Google+ over Facebook

1.       Google+ lacks some features that Facebook has (Maybe because it's new and in beta version)

2.       Google+ does not have anything special for a typical Facebook freak who does not care much about privacy

3.       Google+ may appear boring at first, which may be a turn off

Are you planning to make the shift from your present social network to G+? Will Google Plus over take Facebook sooner are later? Who knows but I'm eager to find out.

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