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It wasn't that long ago that it seemed like you couldn't get an invite to Google's new social network, Google+. But nearly three months after being on a private beta testing phase, it has finally open up to everyone.

Facebook's long rumored music service may finally hit the social platform later this week. In a CNBC report, Facebook plans to launch a music platform at its f8 conference in San Francisco on September 22.

With the advent of Research in Motion (RIM) next generation BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) – where apps go social! BBM features are now built right into many of your favorite apps, so you can share or chat with your BBM friends while you're using the app.

Have you ever found yourself on a flight that you're saying to yourself, "oh Lord, how much longer?". Being on a long flight is like being in captivity and wanting to escape but can't. So it was my intent on finding some fun stuff I could do to kill some time while on these boring flights; Here goes...

The term 'I'm Virus Free' can often be heard being said by Macs or Linux users. But if you think you're 'safe' just because you're a Mac or Unix User think again. Consider the fact that the vast majority of PC users aren't on Macs or Unix systems, so hackers don't bother to write viruses for them. Knowing that, you should understand that viruses get triggered not because the computer is a PC but because the user isn't paying attention.

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