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Google will roll-out Google+ for Business soon

Google+Since the launch of Google+, Google's new project that it says will try to make online sharing more like real life, has not only drawn the attention of individual users who wanted in on the much talked about Google social networking site, but drew the attention of businesses as well.

Google officials explained that the new Google+ social network simply isn't yet ready for enterprise use. Hence, the search giant immediately announced that it would be launching a Google+ platform for businesses soon and asked all businesses in the meantime to cancel their accounts or abstain from joining.

A massive number of companies wanted to be part of Google+ Businesses' test phase, so Google soon released a online sign-up form for businesses interested in Google+ business.

There were so much request that the company had to launch an additional sign-up form online because the previous form had "filled up."

The online application form was closed on Friday, July 15 at 6pm PST (9pm EST).



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